Too Little, Too Late
released 2016

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This would be my fifth "solo album," and last one for a while as I see it. But fear not as I am furiously working with Heresy to resurrect our vast collection of music that was never released. We have volumes of material that was written and recorded over the years and I am so excited for you to hear it. So stay tuned for lots of new music from my beloved band!

But on with, "Too Little, Too Late," ——

I think there is a great deal of variety on this one as I always try to mix things up a bit. I also wanted to provide a lot of variety in terms of musical style and there is a very thin line when I do that because I realize that that, "in and of itself," can bring about a lack of flow or cohesion. Hmmmm.

Part of my rationale for doing this kind of a recording is because Xuanzang, the CD preceding this one, was very stylized and I would say definitely far more cohesive in terms of production and style - largely because it was recorded within a few weeks and with similar instrumentation to reflect the cultures of China, India and Central Asia. So sometimes in my tiny little mind the pendulum swings one way and then the other!

These songs are about my personal experiences and perspectives that have evolved over the years. I'm not sure if there is one particular artist I would compare my music with, although there certainly are influences. My most influential artist would be Joni Mitchell, although I don't think these songs reflect her influence per se - with the exception of, "We Watch the Stars," maybe.

Of course thanks go to so many people who've contributed to this album like my co-producer and electric guitar wizard, William Brown, my ever present friend and keyboardist extraordinaire, Scott Harris, the effervescent bass of John Sergio, ol' thunder drums, Casey, my daughter, Annmarie with the sweetest voice, Amy for her wonderful photography, PJ for his amazing ears and keyboard talents and many others. Suffice to say that I have lots of amazing friends and family who are always there to help out with my musical projects. Thank the sweet Universe for them - and you - and I hope you like this enough to download it. I could use the money.

Shabby Road Studios

The basic tracks for the songs were recorded at, "Shabby Road Studios," my at home personal "studio," and I find it difficult to use any part of that word in connection with what I've got going - LOL - really. Hey - it works. The songs were written primarily on acoustic guitar. Basic tracks for the songs were recorded on my ten year old G4 Quicksilver Mac using Pro Tools 6 and the Digi 001 as an analog to digital converter. Yep. Twelve year old mac, Pro Tools 6, OS 10.6. Stop laughing. That's why I call my studio, "Shabby Road Studio," because it hobbles along (and sometimes quite nicely).

The drums, guitars and some bass tracks for "Too Little, Too Late," were recorded at First Wave Digital Studios in Patchogue, NY. Three of the songs were mastered by LANDR, a web based mastering facility which is pretty cool. The drums and most of the electric guitars were recorded at First Wave Digital which is a "real" studio owned and run by my most amazing friend, William Brown.

The song, "Ghosts Upon the Stair" was recorded using an Optigan, which is similar to a Mellotron but instead of using tapes triggered by keyboard, it used big, floppy records that have pre-recorded loops on them. The records are inserted in a slot just below the keyboard. The original version of "Sticks With Hoods" was recorded in the same manner, but the quality was poor and subsequently asked my friend PJ learn the piano from the Optigan loop tracks which he did brilliantly, I might add.