She's Crazy

She's crazy when she sinks a bottle
He's lazy never seems to care.
I know her - saw her with the Vicar
Down under tables - broken chairs.
She's crazy.

She told me I would be the winner
He told her he would turn the key
I know that it would never happen
She shows me other people dare.
She's crazy.

I'm lonely now that she is missing
I wonder what will come of her
She's holding bones where flesh is missing
They'll never find his cigarette.
She's crazy.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue a song for you or two
So sleep in the night.
Midnight Blue its up to you its true
To show me the light

You took all the lies away
You showed me the light
You taught me the Arrows Way
Straight and true
And you know I'm here for you
Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue I cannot find their truth
In all of their lies
Midnight Blue if only they were to open up their minds

So far in the far away
So deep in the blackened plane
Dust lanes in the spiraling
Midnight Blue

Ghosts Upon the Stair

Something's right and something's wrong
But nothing's no matter
Something's in the air tonight
Ghosts upon the stair.

The cold accepts my stinging nerves
The feeling something's wrong
I would believe but something says this should not be wrong.

I would whisper in reply and close the drapes and walk away
"Nothing's down the hall..."
This is I can not explain
A "someone" in the air
Something that must simply be ghosts upon the stair.

I have heard this whispered down
Down the silent hall
I would whisper in reply to "nothings" down the hall

Drive My Car

Drive my car
Down the darkest of avenues
Drive my mind
Through the darkness that runs through you

Pass me by on your way to another fool
Wave goodbye to my wreck on the avenue

As the wind whips around me I have nothing to fear.
As the road moves below me I'm free from you.

Drive my car
Into holes on the avenue
Break my soul
Keep my mind from you

With my pain all around me I have nothing but tears
With the world spinning from me I'm free from you.

Drive my car
Down the darkest of avenues.
Drive my mind
Through the darkness that runs through you.
Break my soul
Broken glass on the thoroughfare.
Drive on by
Pay no mind to the bodies there.

We Watch the Stars

I hold your hand
It feels so cold
It's only time that passed and I was once so bold

I hold your hand
I touch your heart
I find it hard to understand we're so apart

We close our eyes and now we see
The things we could not understand will set us free

We watch the stars
We search the skies
We are alone
Among the stars

We look for truth with jaded eyes
We fall into the memories keeping us apart
We search the skies
We watch the stars
We fall into the distance keeping us apart

I watch the stars
I search the skies
I am alone
Among the stars

Something Special

You've got something special and I like it.
You've got that certain something
Always one thing special
You've got something special and I like it.

You've got something going
You've got something and I like it!
You've got something special
You've got something and I want it!

It's not a passing feeling - can't deny it
It's not a passing feeling - always fancy dreaming
You've got something special and I like it!

Sticks With Hoods

One fine day I sat upon my lawn
Just minding my own
Just catching the sun
Just innocent bliss

My eyes were closing and my mouth agape
When suddenly I did awake!

Sticks with Hoods from yonder woods
They stole my goods those Sticks with hoods
Sticks with hoods from yonder woods
In misery they taunted me.
They haunted me!

Someday I will get my just revenge
I'll find those Sticks
Those nasty Sticks

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

Many times I have turned away from the light
Forever tripping over excuses hatched in my mind
And always falling flat on my face and wondering why
And then I'm running from what has always been in plain sight!

Remember good thoughts - good words - good deeds

Simple words for the layman and for the wise
Remember what is always in front of you in plain sight
And try to put away all the selfish things for which we strive
And look inside for all of the changes in your own life.

Remember good thoughts - good words - good deeds

Keep these words as your mantra for all your days
And try to look for things in yourself when someone is to blame
Remember hate is something created by our selfish ways
And that our fears are following on the heels of the same!

Remember good thoughts - good words - good deeds


We look within ourselves to face the darkness there
To help us overcome the darkness everywhere
Forgiveness - face the darkness everywhere

We must listen to the trials of every man
To feel remorse and seek the pain to understand
Forgiveness - we must listen to the trial of every man

We must face the ugliness of how these things began
To hear the voice of others - if we can.

When we find our inner peace we will concede
To seek the stillness of our mind we can procede
Stillness - we can now build peace.

To be exiled from our selfish inner needs
To find the solitude and build a world of peace
Stillness - build a world of peace.
Forgiveness - build a world of peace.


Did you ever hear something and thought it made sense
But you thought again?
That you've heard enough garbage and you've been taught
To live by society's rules.

Have you ever thought of living a billion years?
Well my friend, follow me
I won't steer you wrong and I think you'll see
You're better off dead than alive.

Have you loved or you lost
You don't know - is love measured in social gains
Or is it measured only by your dead remains?
Or should you care if you don't love at all?

Call for my god to assist me to take me away from this life
Call for the dead will rise and you will see that everyone is soon to be free
Taste the blood of men who were noble
Is the taste any different from men of the poor?
Aren't we all the same once we turn to dust?
Is it love or is it lust that calls men home?

Now you're gone from our world drink the blood of the here and hereafter
Can you laugh at time and disguise your world with society?

Is the ignorance hidden from those who can't see Thanatopsis?
Challenge you soul to a duel of the here and hereafter!

Now that you have entered death with me can you return to society?
Where happiness is measured monitarily
Or can you stay wise here in the dark?
In the dark.