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My music is eclectic and has a strong melodic and sometimes, exotic flavor. My earlier work with Heresy, helped me to develop some type of songwriting and singing abilities. In fact, since I've moved back to NY, my band, Heresy, has recently reformed and we are working on a musical adaptation of T. S. Eliot's poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which should be released in the Fall of 2016 (really soon!). This is by far the best thing I have done and that is because of the contributions of all those involved. But there more on that on the Heresy website, which you can find here:

Link to the Heresy Web Site:

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My solo work generated pretty cool interest in various countries and exotic places. "The Epic of Gilgamesh," (released in 2001), my musical interpretation of the 5000 year old Sumerian tale, was made into a play at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and the music was used in a student film from the University of Washington. The CD is listed as supplemental material in many universities around the US, and has earned favor among the Assyrian people of Central Asia, as they have no homeland or country to call their own. The song, "We Are All One," from that release, was selected by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull as the "Rubbing Elbows" song contest winner, and was performed live by myself, Ian Anderson and his band at the Orpheum theater in Phoenix, AZ in 2003.

Link to the new Gilgamesh Web Companion:

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My second release, "Big Star Way," (released in 2005), found it's way on the Art Bell Radio show, "Coast to Coast," where the song, "My Little Grey" was chosen as bumper music from the "Emerging Artists" contest on that international radio program. That same song, later released as a single, was also premiered on Richard C. Hoagland's radio program, "The Other Side of Midnight," on several of his shows a few months ago.

Link to the Big Star Way website:

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My third release, "Ahab," is a musical tribute to the great American novel, "Moby Dick," and employed the talented artist, George Klauba, and his exotic and masterful paintings from the story. I also took part in a reading of Moby Dick at Canios Book store on eastern Long Island in 2014. What an honor that was!

Link to the Ahab web companion:

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My fourth release, "The Silk Road Journey of Xuanzang," is an excursion into ancient Chinese, Persian and Indian music. The music was used in the fascinating documentary, "A Journey of the Heart," by Ravi Verma. Link to the Xuanzang Web Companion:

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My newest release, "Too Little, Too Late," is a collection of old and new songs, re-recorded and given a new lease of life, so to speak. They are reflections and perspectives based on life experience with a dash of just plain ol' fun for good measure. This is a collection of songs both new and old that I have been wanting to release for a long, long time. In fact, the song, "Thanatopsis," was the first song I'd written (I was sixteen!). Then there are songs like, "Midnight Blue" and "She's Crazy" that are more recent and I hope reflect some form of musical maturity. Well, about as much musically maturity as I can muster. Fear not - for as old as they are they have all been re-recorded in sparkling, glamorous digital audio!

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While working with Heresy on Prufrock, I have also been working with Gary Stroutsos, a world renown Native American flautist on re-imagining and re-arranging Jethro Tull songs based on their lyrical component as a platform for the music. This is not a tribute album but is instead a close look at the deep implications of that music and completely stripping it down to its most basic components. The name of this project is, "Forest Dance," which is also available on Band Camp.